Think Tech. Think Smart. Think Pakistan


SPIN is the unequivocal leader in intelligence for tech in Pakistan.

Developing publishing platforms and integrated media bandwidth for showcasing the tech sector in Pakistan for more than 25 years, housing brands that are touching almost 3 decades of editorial excellence in technology and after nearly 30 years in the business we are reinventing ourselves and our brands. We are now SPIN or Smart Pakistan Insights Network.

The single source of real data for tech and the go to place for technology insights in Pakistan. Our experiential curve remains unparalleled.

Real Intent
Real Intelligence.
Real Insights.

For years we have been home to the top platforms for b2b tech in Pakistan, hosting the only brands that spoke enterprise. Bringing the letters CIO into Pakistan, we watched  as traditional business houses evolved to digitally run organizations. As Covid hit and the world placed a reset on itself, we decided to do the same. Leveraging from our legacy work, that not only breached the consumer and enterprise space but also talked in parallel to how technology evolved society in the country.

Scan our Industry Firsts section and look at how many tech industry firsts we have birthed. And we smile, sit back and watch the tall claims of these firsts being repeated over the years. But we know. How far and wide our net has been thrown and grown. Talking of firsts we must speak of lasts as well. We are perhaps the last of the Jurassic in tech media generation that actually put tech print publications in the hands of thousands of people while print was still sustainable for the industry till 2013. We still house the oldest technology magazine in Pakistan, CW which will be soon touching 30 years.

Thanks to our study of the tech marketplace and contiguous gathering of live data, we understand our audiences like no one else – and as a result, we’re able to create the stories that highlight Pakistan’s technology ecosystem with real intent and real intelligence.

Our industry is about people behind the tech, not just the technology itself. We are truly passionate about the fact that tech can be a force for good. Leveraged wisely, it can have a massively exponential influence. We gather, generate and innovate with data and remain committed to the real vision of Digital Pakistan. We have just gone one step ahead. And called Pakistan Smart. And that’s how we are redesigning our corporate psychology to help build back better for the country.

Our vision is to make society a more woke place through technology. Insights are not just in our name, it is in our corporate DNA. Every day, every hour of the day for the last twenty five years. We are passionate about technology because that is what we live, eat, breathe and talk about. We are literally the only b2b, b2c and b2smb technology cross service media platform in Pakistan. Without the BS.

We have no tall claim to be the biggest or the best, but we certainly lay claim to being humble, deeply studious and precision oriented at what we do. And that’s why almost every important tech company or government institution in the country has worked with us in some way or another at one time or another. We don’t spin yarns and tales, but our brand SPIN represents tech ecology, psycho-graphy and study of what innovation can do for a country like Pakistan. We are patriots with the best possible war chest, real insights for the technology sector, which can translate to real growth. We are the masters of data driven intelligence that build on customer intent creating actionable insights. That’s why we say.

Think Tech. Think Smart. Think Pakistan.