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Developing publishing platforms and integrated media bandwidth for showcasing the tech sector in Pakistan for more than 25 years, housing brands that are touching almost 3 decades of editorial excellence in technology. 

After nearly 30 years in the business, we are reinventing our brands and ourselves. 
We are now Smart Pakistan Insights Network. Call us SPIN.

The one source of real indices for tech in Pakistan.
Our experiential curve remains unparalleled.
SPIN is the unequivocal leader in intelligence for tech in Pakistan.

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Real Insights.
Real Intelligence.
Real Intent.

Industry Firsts

Scan our Industry Firsts section and look at how many tech industry firsts we have birthed.

Tech Media History

We still house the oldest technology magazine in Pakistan, CW which will be soon touching 30 years.

Bringing CIO to Pakistan

Bringing the letters CIO into Pakistan, we watched as traditional business houses evolved to digitally run organizations.

Market Intelligence

Our experiential curve remains unparalleled. Thanks to our study of the tech marketplace & contiguous gathering of live data we've been able to understand our audiences like no one else.


As a result of first-hand market insights, we’re able to create the stories that highlight Pakistan's technology ecosystem with real intent and real intelligence.


We are passionate about technology because that is what we live, eat, breathe and talk about. We are the only technology cross service media platform in Pakistan.

Current Brands


Since 1995

Forging pop culture technology for a deep dive into everything tech, Computerworld brings need-to-know information to readers that want to know anything ongoing in the technology sector in Pakistan. Know more


Since 2007

Leveraging an extensive first party relationship network of senior technology executives, CXO Media is the unparalleled leader in enterprise digital leadership insights in Pakistan. Know more.


Since 2014

DEMO, the launchpad for emerging tech invites you to experience the future of innovation, and network with people in the ecosystem who are likely to change the face of society in years to come. Know more.


Launching 2024

The media house of all things payments, digital banking, fintech and the future of money. Chez Wallet – coming soon! Know more.

We are the leaders for insights and data in tech.

Our vision is to make society a more woke place through technology. Insights are not just in our name, it is in our corporate DNA. Every day, every hour of the day for the last twenty five years. We are the only b2b, b2c and b2smb technology cross service intelligence platform in Pakistan. Without the bs.

Legacy Brands

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